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engaged, disengaged and actively disengaged employee

What are the differences between engaged, disengaged and actively disengaged employees?

A research conducted by Gallup, brings awareness to the increasing…
Using Gamification in companies

Gamification: New Trend in Learning and Human Resource Management

Gamification takes the essence of games – attributes such as fun, play, transparency, design, competition and yes, addiction – and applies these to a range of real-world processes inside a company.
top 10 #HR accounts to follow

Top 10 HR Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

From quick article shares to popular blogs, the Twittersphere or Twitterverse is bursting at the seams with human resources-related sources of information. You can find news on the space or even analysis on the latest trends and issues impacting HR, but only if you are following the right accounts.

How to Make Your Resume Last Longer Than 6 Seconds?

This should cheer you up: You spend days, weeks, maybe even months…

Job Interview Question: "Why are you looking to leave your company ?"

A recruiter asks: "Why are you looking to leave your company…

Should I Hire an Independent Contractor or an Employee?

At first glance, hiring an independent contractor or an employee…

Autonomous Leadership and Ways to Encourage Autonomy in the Workplace

Autonomy in the workplace offers serious challenges.  It is…