Why you should consider company registration in Iran?

Despite the current economic uncertainty and the accelerating pace of change, Iran’s business sector has high ambitions for quick and aggressive growth over the next five years. Plus, Low Corporate Tax (9%), easy company setup and low labor wages are other advantages of starting your business in Iran.

The Corporate and Business Registration Department Delivers the following main Services:

  • The incorporation, registration and striking-off the companies in Iran.
  • The registration of documents that must be filed under the Companies Act.
  • The provision of company information to the public.
  • The enforcement of compliance with the legal requirements.
  • Registration of Businesses.
  • The Insolvency Service.
  • Registration of Limited Partnerships and Foundations.

We guarantee a high quality service and quick response times, with a dedicated account manager to assist you through the process. We will manage your company registration from start to finish, and will provide you with the full support and expertise you need after your company is setup.