Employment Service Provider (Abroad)

Employment Service Provider

Professional recruitment services at no cost to you

Farazandishan, as a Certified Employment Service Provider in Iran, works with you to find the best candidate for your business. We can:

  • Screen and recommend candidates based on your job description.
  • Arrange for a job seeker to do training specific to the needs of your business.
  • Offer continued support as your new employee settles in to your business.

Publishing Human Resource Management Magazine

Through this certificate – which requires local confirmation -, Farazandishan company, focuses on publishing a Human Resource Management Magazine called “FARAZANDISHAN”, in which, each month, varied content, from articles and news to  interviews be delivered to the community of HRM.

Software Development

Software Development

These certificates, address a wide range of fundamental technical capabilities, and validate core technical knowledge among the company and its software  engineers.