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Job vacancies for Telecom and IT Engineers in Iran

Technology has matured enough in Iran as we see this maturity in other countries in the Middle East through which a bunch of job opportunities are available for both local and foreign IT engineers all industries from manufacturing, consumer electronics, medicine, construction, to other sectors. However, today, most jobs are in Telecom and IT companies which are mostly located in Tehran. Farazandishan is a good resource for staying up […]

Teach at your spare time in Iran

Although the job market in Iran is not fully open for foreigners to work, there are numerous expatriates in various technical or consulting jobs in Iran. The concept of benefiting from expats’ spare time for training and coaching Iranian youngsters can be attractive for both foreigners and local aspirants. Even if you are working full […]

Tax in Iran

Iran’s tax year begins on March 21 and ends on March 20 of the following year. The Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs levies and collects taxes from Iranian citizens. Taxable income comes from a set range of categories that are each taxed separately: salaries (public sector employees are subject to a 9% tax, for […]