top 10 #HR accounts to follow

Top 10 HR Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

From quick article shares to popular blogs, the Twittersphere or Twitterverse is bursting at the seams with human resources-related sources of information. You can find news on the space or even analysis on the latest trends and issues impacting HR, but only if you are following the right accounts.

The HR Exchange Network Editorial Team has compiled a list of Twitter thought-leaders in the space so you can stay on top of all the biggest developments and news hitting the internet. These are in no particular order, and it is by no means an exhaustive list, but it will at least get you pointed in the right direction.

Now, on to the list.

1. @Josh_Bersin – Josh Bersin is one of the leading minds in the HR industry especially when you consider HR technology. Bersin is the founder and principal analyst at Bersin by Deloitte. Their Human Capital Trends report is one of the most referenced reports in the industry. Bersin tweets regularly and has attended HR events around the world.

2. @MeghanMBiro – Meghan Biro is the founder of #Tchat World of Work Community. It’s one of the most popular Twitter chats available. It covers anything and everything to do with talent management. She’s also the CEO of TalentCulture and is a regular contributor to Forbes and the Huffington Post.

3. @joningham – Jon Ingham has often been considered one of the leading individuals when it comes to innovation, technology, and talent management within the human resources space. He is a writer with several pieces of work to his credit. He is also well versed in the digital HR space as a blogger and contributor. He is also known for tips and advice on managing the employee lifecycle.

4. @PerryTimms — Perry Timms is most known for being energetic and passionate about people and the future of work. He is an expert in social media and engagement. He regularly offers insight, inspiration and plenty of anecdotes concerning the HR universe.

5. @LaszloBock – Laszlo Bock is the former SVP of People Operations at Google. He is also an author. From him, expect tweets on leadership, advice, and HR inspiration.

6. @dds180 – David D’Souza is an expert in organizational development, digital HR, HR technology, engagement, and culture. He is also a frequent speaker and writer. On Twitter, he provides great insights, and if you’re looking for it, a fair amount of humor as well. D’Souza is Head of CIPD London and Engagement.

7. @jcmeister — Jeanne Meister is almost always a head of the curve when talking about trends in the HR space and the future of work. She’s an expert in digital HR and HR technology especially where social media is involved. She’s won numerous awards and for her writing. She has great future of work insights and strategies for the modern workplace.

8. @Rob_Briner – Rob Briner is a professor at the University of Bath. In 2012, he was listed as one of HR’s most influential HR thinkers in the United Kingdom. He is brutally honest about his opinions. His tweets are both powerful and informative and usually explore an alternative approach to people management. He also provides plenty of research and evidence for his statements.

9. @SteveBoese — Steve Boese has had a very active career. He’s an author, speaker, and teacher… all within the human resources space. He excels as an expert in HR technology. He hosts a weekly HR Happy Hour show which is among one of the most downloaded HR podcasts.

10. @sharlyn_lauby – Sharlyn Lauby is a blogger. Lauby, once a human resources professional, now spends her professional days has a speaker and consultant in the space. He always tweets practical and applicable HR suggestions and also provides great insights in her blog .


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