Public Displays of Affections in Iran

Public displays of affections (PDA) in Iran are not as common as some other parts of the world. Since, Iran is a moderately conservative Islamic country,  many Iranians don’t feel comfortable showing too much affection to their loved ones in public. It is rather considered as taboo. A little kiss on the forehead might look cute. But, being touchy and bluntly movie-type making out sessions in public is not something you can see neither often nor really tolerable. So, if you happen to have an Iranian girlfriend or boyfriend, it might be a good idea to define what is acceptable and what not.

Though, the young generation in Iran has become more open-minded in terms of public affections. However, older generation’s mentality is still much conservative than younger generations.

At the same time, it is commonly accepted to see Iranians of the same gender to be touchy. For instance, it is perfectly normal to see girls holding hands together. A lot of foreigners find it weird that especially Iranian girls hold hands. However, Iranians say that it just shows a close friendship and a normal thing to do. So, if you are a female, linking arms or holding hands are nothing to be surprised for. Even for men, it is perfectly normal to be affectionate towards your friends in Iran. This doesn’t mean you must behave in a certain way in Iran. However, it is always helpful to understand one’s culture while you live in it.

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