Teach at your spare time in Iran

Although the job market in Iran is not fully open for foreigners to work, there are numerous expatriates in various technical or consulting jobs in Iran. The concept of benefiting from expats’ spare time for training and coaching Iranian youngsters can be attractive for both foreigners and local aspirants.

Even if you are working full time, you will probably have some off days. It sounds hard to believe, but it’s easy to get bored. Use your free time wisely and take some courses to teach and train.

We have opportunities available mainly located in Iran across a range of technical training and vocational training specialties including Mechanical TrainersElectrical TrainersHealth and Safety TrainersOperator trainers and IT Trainers. Our clients work in the Oil & Gas industry, Energy, Telecom and Construction industries as well in various other services areas. 

If you are interested to be one of our instructors, please visit our  Management and Technical Training Academy’s website or reach us at the below contact details to get more information:

email: davoud.sadeghlou@fava-academy.com
Number: +98 912 807 9452

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