Work permit for foreign nationals shall be issued in the GBAO of their workplace.

Based on IR-WPFN, the employer is obliged to submit the required documents for the issuance of work permit to the GBAO within a maximum period of one (1) month starting from the date the foreign national arrives in the country. Any delay would be subject to provisions of Art. 181 IR-LL:

“Employers who employ foreign nationals without obtaining work permits or those whose work permits have expired, or assign to foreign nationals jobs other than those specified in their work permits, or fail to inform the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs cases where employment relationship of the foreign national with the employer has been terminated, shall be sentenced, in consideration of the conditions and possibilities of the offender and the degree of the offense, to a jail term ranging between 91 and 180 days.”

Moreover, based on IR-WPFN, the validity period of the entry visa with the right of working shall be three (3) months starting from the date it is notified by Provincial GBAO to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

However, according to GBAO, in practice the application for work permit should be submitted within 7 days after the foreign national’s arrival and the validity of the entry visa with the right of working is one (1) month.

The following documents shall be filed for obtaining the work permit for foreign nationals:

  • Written request of employer for the issuance of work permit of the concerned foreign national bearing employer’s authorized signature and stamp. (Those foreign national who have already had computerized identification code in the respective GBAO are obliged to mentioned the said code).
  • Completing three copies of the “Aliens’ Occupation Application Form”;
  • Completing two copies of the questionnaire regarding Personal Information;
  • The original copy of bank note amounting to 1,400,000 Rial deposited under name of Treasury General, account No. 132/66 with one of the branches of Iran Melli Bank.
  • Four 3×4-size photos bearing the personal information of foreign national on the back;
  • Presenting the original copy of foreign national’s passport and/or its photocopy certified by the police and/or the General Bureau of Labor and Social Affairs of province.
  • A photocopy of the required pages of passport
  • The academic and/or professional certification attested by the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran in the foreign national’s respecting country. (This para is subjected to those foreign nationals for whom the application of entry visa with the right of working has been requested for more than six month).

The Executive procedures for issuing work permit are as follows:

  • The application form and other documents shall be filed by the employer’s representative, with the unit concerned in GBAO, and shall be checked and initialed after dully completed.
  • The application shall be registered with the computer.
  • The application shall be transmitted via the computer network to the department (unit) concerned.
  • The application shall be referred by the Director of the above unit to the expert concerned.
  • The application shall be reviewed and verified for eligibility.
  • The work permit shall be issued and send to the Office of Management, for necessary signature and seal.
  • Work permit shall be registered by the Secretariat and handed over to the respective employer against receipt.