With a population of over 70 million and a multitude of languages and customs, the Iranian market can be a demanding and frustrating
market to do business. However, business success can depend to a large extent on an understanding of the culture, the people, the land and the business environment that a foreign company and investor would be expected to operate within.

Despite global economic downturn, the Iran economy continues to grow and the overall economic outlook is positive. Besides, The Persian Gulf region has enjoyed continued growth. This has been driven by rising public sector spending, especially on physical and social infrastructure, as well as buoyant private sector activity.

Inevitably, Iranian business culture is different to that of the US or Europe, but the differences do not make it any more risky to do business in Iran than elsewhere in the world. In fact, certain aspects of Iran’s business culture, especially the untouched opportunities to lunch, can be very beneficial for those foreign companies that understand how to swim with the cultural tide as opposed to vainly
struggling against it.