1 – Set expectations and deadlines before starting the engagement

If the Iranian company hesitates in giving out that information, offer some scenarios and gauge their reaction
in order to better understand their real expectations.
Remember that just because Iran’s businesspeople may nod when you are talking, it doesn’t mean they are agreeing
with your points. They are only acknowledging that words are coming out of your mouth. Western people can be easily confused by that.

2 – Make it happen fast

While it takes time to build a relationship based on trust and understanding, do not expect as much patience when
it comes to delivering results. The Iranian people in business are in a hurry to make it and make it big.

3 – Receive payment for all or part of your service

This isn’t because you won’t get paid. (Although that happens in Iran just like it does everywhere else.)
But payment acknowledges commitment on the part of the Iranian company to do business with your company.
It is acceptable to provide some level of service in advance without payment to demonstrate capability and capacity,
but be mindful of how much you give away.

4 – Communicate regularly

Many Iranian businesspeople under 40 are functional in English.
However, most are decidedly more comfortable in Persian. Therefore, to avoid any misunderstanding, keep the communications
on a regular basis.

5 – Go to Iran and go often

Open a small office if you can. Having a presence in Iran does not have to be a colossal expense,
but showing your commitment goes a long way in gaining the confidence of those you are trying to engage (or are engaged with already).